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Event Rents is Colorado’s premier party rental provider. Our exceptional customer service, quality products and attention to detail are the components that have made us the superior choice in the event rental industry. 

Pride. Perfection. Persistence. These are the basic beliefs, concepts and attitudes of Event Rents.

We take pride in what we do and are persistent in our approach to business, never fully satisfied and always striving to be at the pinnacle of our industry. As such we consistently provide a level of services and products that are without rival in our market. We value our established clients and the relationships we have with them while also embracing the challenge of fostering lasting relationships with new clients. Our clients choose Event Rents because they expect perfection and perfection is what we provide.

Company - Phoenix


Event Rents is a premier party rental provider with over 15 years of experience in offering the highest level of service to our clients.  Our exceptional customer service, quality products and attention to detail are the components that have made us the superior choice in the event rental industry.

Knowing that the quality of services and goods we provide is a large part of what makes Event Rents distinguishable, every aspect of our business is geared towards our clients.  Our products include a full complement of tents, tables, chairs, flatware, stemware, basic and specialty cloths, as well as a large range of kitchen and event equipment that are essential to the event professional.  We continually maintain, refurbish and replace our inventory as well as find the newest styles to offer your event that unique angle.  And our staff is of the highest caliber:  years of experience coupled with the most exceptional customer service you will find anywhere.

Due to the attention to detail we exhibit in every aspect of our business, we promote our equipment and service as an unparalleled and invaluable resource for the event professional.  From the moment you place an order until the event's conclusion, we ensure that every aspect of your experience is of the highest quality.  Because of the high level of service, quality, diligence and integrity that our clients expect and receive from us, we have cultivated lasting relationships with premier event professionals.  We look forward to your next event!


Scott Bradshaw, Sales

Joe Cooke, Operations

John Crowley, Tent Specialst

Sean Crowley, Tent Specialist

Hilary Hadden, Sales

Doug Louch, Tent Specialist

James Lutter

Pablo Marquez, Operations

Lenny McClain

Josh Stitt

Justin Weaver

Mike Wheeler, Sales

Maria Shannon, Sales

Katie Seno, Tent Specialist

Ashley Leland, Sales

Curtis Hahn, Sales

Shelby Rushbrooke

Jessica Durbin, Tent Specialist

Brandon Wheeler, Operations

Lindsay Ohlhauser, Sales




Patrick Cannon, Sales

Jolene Donnelly, Sales

Dani Hayes

Rick Kuster, Sales

Kris McDonald, Sales & Tent Specialist

Terry McDonald, Sales

Roger Mexin, Sales

Rachel Napolitano, Sales

Isai Ramirez, Operations


Variety is the spice of life. Our event products are as unique as each event. Our inventory constantly evolves, from matching the seasons to industry trends. Select your location for the latest & greatest and happy browsing.